More About Natural Voice

When our bodies are compromised by age, stress, anxiety, unhappiness or lack of confidence, our voices reveal that information whether we want to or not. As NVN members, we acknowledge that the voice is just part of the body, and as such, we put an emphasis on warming up the whole body and on singing with the whole body.

Creating a relaxed and accepting atmosphere is one of the key things that defines Natural Voice workshops and choirs. Allowing people to be heard – even if that’s only by everyone in the group saying their name – and getting people to have fun are both key elements of our working practice.

Many people arrive at workshops with previous experiences of criticism and judgment. The philosophy that NVN members share embraces inclusivity and acceptance. At Natural Voice workshops, teachers work hard to create a space where everyone’s voice is accepted without judgment.

The starting point for Natural Voice choirs is that they are accessible without audition and without the need to read music. We aim to teach at a pace that accommodates people learning by ear and try to always use clear plain language rather than technical and musical jargon that only people with a formal music education can readily understand.

The Benefits of Singing

There has been a lot of publicity in the media recently about singing and the benefits of joining a choir. Here NVN member Janet Stansfeld talks about some of the health benefits.