Blogs and Podcasts

These offerings include valuable tips and reflections from a seasoned choir leader and interviews with NVN members and others talking about their work.

BLOG: From the Front of the Choir – Chris Rowbury

Topics include:

  • Singing in harmony as a metaphor for life
  • How to keep your warm ups and singing sessions fresh and engaging
  • How to find the balance between easy and challenging songs in a drop-in singing group
  • Why altos are often timid and nervous
  • How to put on a successful concert
  • Does singing have to have an end goal?
  • Taking stock – self-reflection for choir leaders and singers

PODCAST: Unicorn Village Camps – Nickomo

These podcasts feature musical highlights from the Unicorn Camps, together with interviews with teachers at the camps (many of whom are NVN members).

PODCAST: Sing Sing Sing – James Sills

James sets out to explore and celebrate the power of singing by interviewing singers and vocal leaders about their work. Topics include NHS workplace choirs, choirs for people affected by cancer, and sea-shanty singing in Cornwall with the Fisherman’s Friends.

See also:

Ruminations on Music, Voice and More; after an inspiring day! – Hannah-Rose Tristram