Choir Profile: A Little Slow Singing



Currently from the comfort of your front room where you can sing your heart out in any way you like! (Our normal meeting place is Padiham Road Methodist Church, Padiham Road, Burnley, BB12 8AD but now you can join no matter where you are!)


The first 3 sessions are free: 13 August, 10 September and 15 October. Subsequent sessions: 12 November and 17 December charged at between £5 and £10 depending on circumstances. I will send you details of my bank account so that you can pay me by BACS.
All sessions are from 13.30 til 14.30 UK time.

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Janet Swan
Contact details:

07777 686648

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Further information:

Not singing slowly! But an approach to singing that allows you to rest and recover, to breathe out and to relax and really enjoy those harmonies. Also, a chance to spend time with others who want to do the same, but from the comfort of your own home.

No singing experience is required – and no need to worry about your voice as you will be singing at home in your own space – somewhere you have made to be quiet and calming for the session. And if your voice sounds strange to you in isolation, don’t worry we can think about that too. (You will be used to hearing yourself surrounded by other voices, but now on our own we are hearing our own voice much more. These sessions give you chance to make friends with your voice by connecting much more to your body).

We will end with a song that you know but after a slow and gentle warm up, there will be chance to use your voice to create gentle overlapping harmonies with those who are also in the meeting. The first three sessions are FREE- so please join us.

These sessions have been set up in the summer of 2020, specifically to help singers come together in a positive and harmonious way. Please do email or text / Whatsapp me for the details of the Zoom log in or instructions on how to set yourself up on Zoom.