Choir Profile: Sing for Health


Run by: Paula Evans

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Further information:

Sing for Health is supported and funded by local GP surgeries and was launched just a few weeks before the lockdown hit us all. As its name suggests, the group was formed with the purpose of bringing together non-singers and singers alike, with a focus on building awareness of our breath, and its ability to improve our physical and mental health. Sing for Health joins together and reinforces community, helps to make new friendships and gives a positive ray of light in the week.

Sing for Health has three fully-funded, weekly sessions (Funded by local GP and Hospital services, and the  Pulmonary Rehabilitation Dept, Worcester Hospital) Sessions are friendly and welcoming gatherings of people working together to improve their health by sharing positivity and songs from around the world. After a mindful and focussed breathing warm-up, we then work using rounds and simple harmonies, creating beautiful sound together, using the techniques offered at the beginning of each session.

All welcome, no previous experience required.  The sessions are free to attend and can be accessed live or via Zoom.

Contact Paula for further information.