Choir Profile: Brighton Vocal Explosion World Music Choir



Islingword Inn, Queens Road (opposite St Luke’s Church), Brighton


Tuesday from 7.30 to 9.30pm

Group type: Performing regularly
Contact details:

+447972 485619

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Further information:

‘Drawing influences from around the globe and across the centuries, Brighton’s Vocal Explosion is an extraordinary sonic experience’ – Phil Jackson, BBC.

Brighton Vocal Explosion is a smaller group and we take singers through informal auditions only. Please feel free to contact us through the website or at to arrange an audition and for more information.

 We ask for an 80% attendance in order to deliver between one and three performances per term.

We are currently looking for new singers. You do not need experience or the ability to read music, as you learn from an mp3 recording downloadable from the website. You simply need a good, flexible voice that can blend with others, plus the ability to hold a tune and take direction.


‘Vocal Explosion Choir delivers masterpieces, making beauty from sounds, conveying narrative and emotion with no need for translation. This rich and powerful choir transcends language barriers.’
– Sir Euton Daley, Director, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.

Vocal Explosion Brighton are a choral ensemble with a powerful, distinct sound of many colours; evocative harmonies layered over strong rhythms and shimmering soft melodies with spiritual textures.

At the heart of their repertoire are the inventive, bold and earthy compositions of founder and musical director, Juliet Russell. Drawing on chants, laments, Gypsy songs and music from around the globe, Russell deftly meshes contemporary rhythmic arrangements with age old harmonies. The result is an engrossing global mosaic of the ancient and modern.

A little taster of one of our pieces: