Choir Profile: Circle Singing London & Vocal Improvisation



Islington, N1



Group type: Performing regularly

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Further information:

Circle Singing London invites you on a beautiful journey through vocal improvisation. Group meetings give an opportunity to jam, create spontaneous sounds, listen to others and express your unique song, while being part of a unified group.

Do you love to sing but uncertain about your vocal abilities? 

Are you a professional singer who yearns to explore the unknown of your voice?

Either way – this project is right for YOU. No singing experience necessary.

What to expect?
Circle Singing London is different from a traditional choir.
We start with a body & breath & voice warm-up, follow up by an exploration of vocal techniques and a basic improvisation vocabulary.  We gradually move from silence, listening to our voice, toning, exploring  the vocal creativity of the group, towards guided vocal sound exercises, sound bathing and circle singing.

“There is something special about taking part in a piece of music that never existed before, and was created for just this moment…”

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