Choir Profile: Circu-Lab: vocal improvisation, collaborative music-making and Circlesinging in London



12 Lynton Gardens N11 2NN.
Closest tube: Bounds Green Piccadilly Line (6 min walk), or Bowes Park train (10 min). Parking is free and easily available.


Saturdays 11.00am- 4.30pm
(It is also possible to attend only for the morning sessions-11am-2pm)

Group type: Non performing
Contact details:

07973 770943

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The invitation:

To remember our innate musical intelligence and capacity to share music and meaning with other humans. To sing our essential nature, deepening the quality of our listening. To feel at home within ourselves and let our inner confidence grow… so that we can embrace many ways to learn, in togetherness and by ourselves, that don’t require striving onwards and upwards but instead, dropping deep into the joy and wisdom and creativity that lays within each and every one of us.

A monthly laboratory, playground and practice space aimed at nurturing musicality, collaboration and improvisational skills for intermediate and experienced singers and musicians.

We’ll make vocal music in-the-moment, lead and be led in circlesongs, practice the many forms of collaborative vocal improvisation in small group. This gives a chance to practice generating clear musical ideas, responding to others and communicating with precision.

There will be space to sing solo and to practice accompanying and creating texture, harmony and groove for others.


…for the daring and sharing vocalists, for anyone passionate about creating and sharing vocal music in- the-moment. For the ones to willing to experience being led and leading circlesongs, and exploring in-depth different forms of vocal improvisation…regular Laboratories : CIRCU-LAB

These monthly gatherings, aimed for intermediate and advanced vocalists and musicians keen to explore collaborative spontaneous music-making, creativity, sound and silence, have been running regularly for more than 2 years now.

The core elements of the Lab sessions are Circlesinging and VoiceOrchestra techniques, grooves and harmonic sequences, with two distinct and complementary objectives:

*to create strong, supportive, interesting backgrounds for the singers to explore and develop solo improvisation.
*to empower singers to create, orchestrate and conduct their own circlesongs and other forms of collaborative music.

There is a wonderful core group of regular singers and a very welcoming space for all newcomers.  Companionship and mutual encouragement, developing and deepening musicianship, creativity and vocal ensemble skills, free wild singing…
…and there will be live performances beyond the sessions – locations and times to be announced soon!

2020 dates:

  • Saturday 18 January
  • Saturday 8 February
  • Saturday 14 March
  • Saturday 4 April
  • Saturday 16 May
  • Saturday 20 June


  • You can attend the laboratories only for the morning (£30) or the whole day (£50).
  • Advance payment discount for all 6 full-day sessions: £250.
  • Advance payment discount for 4 full-day sessions: £150.


Please book and pay in advance to secure a place. More information and how to pay at