Choir Profile: Crediton World Music Choir





Only occasional weekend workshops now.

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Alise Ojay

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Further information:

Alise Ojay founded the Crediton World Music Choir back in 1997 and it met on a weekly basis singing secular songs from around the world for 19 years, performing regularly. They were 19 wonderful years of warm-hearted singing, friendship and amazing music .. and of course our trademark occasional dancing!

Since October 2016, with much regret, Alise decided she was no longer able to run her small business Singing for Snorers and both this choir and the University of Exeter World Music Choir, especially since the latter had doubled in size since also welcoming non-student members.

From now on members of the Crediton World Music Choir and those interested in being part of its story will only meet for occasional weekend workshop reunions. Alise’s decision was majorly influenced by wanting to make space for Crediton resident, NVPN member, talented teacher and good friend, Alison Whittall, to start the Crediton Community Choir on NVPN principles to serve the Crediton area.

If you live in the Exeter area and are interested in working with Alise in a secular world music choir you can follow links on the website for the University of Exeter World Music Choir and/or look up the University choir on this website.