Choir Profile: Dare To Sing



To be arranged

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Janne

Further information:

I like to work with a small group of 10-12 people who think they can’t sing, or who have lost confidence in their own voice. My aim is to gently coax you into a new relationship with your own voice. All voices are welcome.

Together we create a mutually supportive and non-judgemental space so that we feel safe enough to explore with each other different ways of giving voice.

We use simple body warm-up exercises, learn how to breathe with our diaphragm, become familiar with simple improvisations, begin to learn to listen to our own and others’ voices, and learn some simple songs by ear, but above all we have great fun making as much noise as we dare.

As we progress, we even begin to improvise in Sa Re Ga, the Indian Raga!

Groups usually last for 2 hours and are run in the evenings; however I am always open to negotiation!