Choir Profile: Folks & Bairns – Parent and Baby Choir



St Michael & All Angels church, Vivian St, Windmill Hill, Bristol, BS3 4LW


Mondays 1130-1230

Group type: Performing occasionally

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Further information:

Folks & Bairns is a parent and baby choir based at St Michael & All Angels church, Windmill Hill, South Bristol. The choir enables grown-ups to sing together in a relaxed and baby-friendly environment. It is run by Natural Voice Leader, musician and folk singer Rosie Sleightholme. Every voice is welcomed, no singing experience is necessary and all songs are taught by ear.
  • Mondays 1130am-1230pm
  • St Michael & All Angels church, Vivian St, Windmill Hill, Bristol, BS3 4LW
  • Pay termly (works out at £6 a session)
  • First session is a free taster
  • Booking is essential: Email

What people have said about us:

“Rosie runs a wonderful choir, it is so welcoming and friendly. It’s lovely to sing something other than nursery rhymes but to still be in a really baby friendly environment. My daughter loves seeing all the other babies each week and really benefits from seeing the older babies. She sat for the first few times at choir copying the older children.” Beth Freeman-Coad

“As a mum to be the Womb Sisters choir really helped me in the last weeks of pregnancy to stay active and meet other likeminded mums. It made the last weeks’ wait a lot less stressful and it was lovely to have a little bit of sharing time at the beginning of each class. It really felt like I was not alone in this mad time of changes and excitement. The songs were fun to perform, with material I’d never heard before (which was exactly what I was after), there was humming and dancing and clapping and it all felt so good!

I think the songs also helped me bond with my baby; I am convinced he recognised the tunes once he was born. Some became very useful to calm him down when he was tiny – I would play the online choir recordings to keep him happy and entertained on a long car trip. He still loves the songs we sang while he was in the womb! The best of it all is that we are still singing with each other weekly at Folks & Bairns and it is a lovely network of friendly mums and dads. It’s so good to learn and perform new songs, and see the babies develop bonds, grow together and interact as the terms progress. It’s been very helpful and a mental break from worrying or stressing over things. I don’t think anyone can sing and be in a bad mood at the same time. I’d recommend the choirs to every mum-to-be and parent! Hands down five stars!” Ariadna Perrott

“The Womb Sisters choir was a really lovely thing to do. I loved singing to my baby in the womb, and it was so special doing this with others. Being pregnant together and sharing the woes and joys helped us create lasting bonds which were enhanced by coming together and singing in harmony. Listening to each other and creating something together created a warmth which was so important to me in the last weeks of my pregnancy.

After my baby was born I was grateful to have a store of interesting songs to sing her, and to learn new songs, continue singing with the Womb Sisters ladies, and meet other new parents in Folks & Bairns. The relationships we have developed have brought me joy and relief through the inevitable darknesses and bewilderments of new motherhood.

“Rosie is a joy to be taught by, she has inspired me with confidence to sing out no matter how much I judge the sound I make, and the sessions are gentle and fun. I thoroughly recommend!”  Rebecca Burton