Choir Profile: Growing Singing Childless and Whole



Meets (in UK times) on Sunday evening 6pm and Monday morning 9.30am which we hope suits a bunch of other time zones should you want to join us.

Group type: Non performing

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For me, recovering from my childlessness has been a huge, arduous, grief-filled journey and I’m making it.

Finding others who shared some of the pain I’d experienced, each in their own unique ways, was absolutely key.  For decades I’d found that hanging out with groups of women meant facing unintentionally cruel, intrusive questions and even more difficult responses to my (often teary) explanations of my childlessness – “Why didn’t you just adopt?”, “Oh you can have one of my horrors! Ha ha!”, “Lucky you with all that spare time and money eh!”  and even around beloved friends and family there were precious few who understood.

Maybe some of that resonates with you.  We all have unique stories. In this group you won’t get any of those “bingos” as Jody Day calls them in her wonderful book “Living the Life Unexpected”.

All of us in this group of women are childless not by choice and muddling along through life as you do. The group came out of the 2020 pandemic when we found that Zoom singing could be joyful, connecting and a good singing experience and set ourselves up in World Childless Week.

Growing Singing Childless & Whole launched “formally” March 2021 and meets entirely on Zoom and via a private website.   We’re a lovely, friendly bunch of women we learn gorgeous little songs in the sessions: both the songs and the women can be pretty fun to have along to accompany you through life.  If you’re childless not by choice you’d be very welcome indeed. We’ve had visitors from all over the UK, much of the USA, as well as Tunisia, the Czech Rebublic, Israel, New Zealand and Australia.  Come along for a free taster and just see if it feels like your kind of thing.