Choir Profile: F’Row HeartSong Community Choir



The VENUe, Village Green, Hartfield Rd, Forest Row, RH18 5DY


Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm

Group type: Performing occasionally
Contact details:

Delia Rosenboom NVN: 01342 825031

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Further information:

Come and be part of this fabulous community choir, learning joyful chants, rounds & songs with glorious  four-part harmonies. Songs that uplift the spirits and open the heart. Songs from Africa, Israel, Gospels, Spirituals, Taize chants as well as heart-warming songs written by much loved natural voice practitioners. Earthy rhythms, beautiful harmonies, all learnt by ear (no need to read music).

The focus is on the enjoyment of sharing our voices together, to create a unique and magical, nourishing singing experience. Lots of fun! All welcome, including children old enough to participate. No previous singing experience needed! This is an opportunity for shy singers, ‘shower-only singers’, aspiring Pavarottis, and anyone who loves to sing,  to join together in glorious song, raising the roof with unbeatable four-part harmonies in a friendly, accepting group.

Cost is £6.50 per night and payment is by the term.
How can you resist?

This group will run by the term, with the first week open as a ‘taster’.