Choir Profile: HumHoller’n’Sing



Lancaster – Friends’ Meeting House


Thursday 7.30 – 9.30pm

Group type: Performing occasionally
Contact details:

Jude Glendinning – 07946 434 004

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Further information:

HumHoller’n’Sing is a community choir who for two hours each week unite in their passion for song. It was set up in the absence of a local community choir in the Lancaster/Morecambe area in 1997 and has continued for many years in many different formats.
What we sing embraces a wide range of songs from many and diverse cultures across the world, and in many different languages, and we sing all of these a cappella and in harmony.

As a community choir we enthusiastically support other community ventures, and an annual activity for us is the singing of Christmas carols in the town centre, raising money for a charity supported by our members.

The choir brings together people of varied musical experience : people who have sung in choirs all their lives and people who have possibly previously sung only in the bath.