Choir Profile: Navenby Community Choir



Navenby, near Lincoln


Tuesdays 2 – 4pm

Group type: Performing occasionally
Contact details:

Annie – 07415 212183

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Further information:

An open access choir for all, drawn mainly from Lincoln and the Cliff Villages.

We especially welcome those who think they can’t sing, haven’t sung in years, or have been put down in the past.  We aim to build confidence and skills!

We sing upbeat songs, usually in just two part harmony,  and welcome everyone with tea, biscuits and friendship!

I try to give those who want to, the opportunity to sing out at least once or twice a year,  often drawing together all my choirs to put on a big show in July to raise money for charity.  If singers don’t want to sing in public, however, no pressure is put on them to do so – our ethos is about being low stress, high fun and mutually supportive in all things.

We also specialise in welcoming those living with ongoing physical and mental health conditions – we really mean it when we say that everyone is welcome!