Choir Profile: Nottingham Voice Collective



The College Street Centre, Nottingham NG1 5AQ


Saturdays once a month 1-2pm
Saturday 17th Oct 2020
Saturday 14th Nov 2020
Saturday 12th Dec 2020

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Abi Moore

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Further information:

If you want to take part in some awesome acapella harmony workshops, come join us!

WHO? We welcome any over 16s who love to sing: from total beginners to advanced singers of all ambitions, abilities, genders, shapes, sizes, colours and creeds! We’ll get you started, then set you soaring!

WHAT? The 1 hour online Zoom workshops help you find your voice with fun warm ups, before introducing you to the exciting stuff: acapella (unaccompanied) harmony singing from the heart and soul! If you like gospel/funk/soul/jazz/blues/rock/folk, get yourself there!

DO I HAVE TO READ MUSIC/ AUDITION? No need to read music: we’ll work completely by ear and memory in the authentic natural style, helping you to access your voice from its truest place. 

WHO LEADS THE WORKSHOPS? Nationally acclaimed vocal tutor, choir director and singer/songwriter Abi Moore, who has been leading voice workshops in the community for 15 years. She is passionate about the voice and is an advocate of the benefits of singing for wellbeing.

The workshops are currently Pay What You Can Afford during the health crisis, and they’re held once a month on a Saturday afternoon, 1-2pm GMT. The next three dates are Saturdays 17th October, 14th November and 12th December 2020.

Book your place online by using the Donate button at: