Choir Profile: Reconnection Sessions





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Group type: Non performing

Further information:

RECONNECTION SESSIONS are led by singer and voice leader Janna Goodwille, to support anyone and everyone to return to a sense of simplicity and stillness.

Group Sessions are shorter 40m sessions or ‘stop moments’ to tune in, listen and top up, shared with up to 20 other participants.

We’ll use a combination of simple and nourishing tools including body awareness, the Gentle Breath Meditation, and the power of your voice. This will support you to live your daily life – particularly given the current stresses and uncertainties – with more ease and flow.

1-1 Sessions are for 1 hour and give you an in depth opportunity to receive focussed support and explore your voice and expression.

EVERYONE is welcome – no experience necessary and you don’t need to be a ‘singer’ to come.

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