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From Home. baby noises , Pj’s, sit move or sleep!

Florence Park Community Centre , Cornwallis Road . Oxford OX4 3NH


Every Tuesday morning every week
£4.00 per session

£6 drop -in pay as you go.
Buy 6 x Flexi ticket sessions @£5 each

Group type: Performing occasionally
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Currently awaiting a safe start date for live sessions.

Mum’s natural voice is the best kind of music babies can hear so whether you’re pregnant or have a young baby, up to early cruising/toddling, you are welcome. No solos or music reading . Clear inclusive, careful teaching. Beautiful harmony and a lovely way to meet other mums.

There is much new evidence to show that singing in a group enhances mood and reduces anxiety and the ‘baby blues’.

This choir will provide a mutually supportive activity which will be both gentle and energising for women. Learn lullabies and songs from around the world. Up-beat and fun and crooning and calming. Singing together is always an enriching experience. Something for everyone. Not scary.

You may rock , feed , change , walk about or do anything you or your baby needs during the session.

All generations welcome. Child- free women also welcome.

At the moment this is an all female environment for truly relaxed breast-feeding. We may review in the future…..

People who sing together grow strong together so bring your baby and add your voice to this unusual and cuddly choir.

Contact for more information or just come along and join in .

£4.00 suggested donation .No solos or auditions.