Choir Profile: Rolling Harmony



Bath, Bradford on Avon, Shaftesbury

Group type: Performing regularly
Run by: Jane Harris
Contact details:

07894 205255

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Further information:

Rolling Harmony is a vocal group made up of choir leaders and singers from the South West brought together by Jane Harris, Director of Songways, including two other NVN members, Claire Stronach and Clara Atkins.

Songs with vibrant rhythms, compelling lyrics and interweaving vocal lines, rooted in English and American harmony singing traditions. Original compositions by Jane Harris, Ed Bersey and US composers, and traditional songs specially arranged by Rolling Harmony. Richly blended voices and lively instrumentals.

Audience comments from Rolling Harmony concerts: 

“There are concerts… and then there are concerts… this one was absolutely superb”
“Perfect blend of voices”
“A fantastic evening”

If you are interested in hosting Rolling Harmony in your area please contact Jane