Choir Profile: Sakina


Group type: Performing occasionally
Run by: Anita Daulne

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Further information:

The vocal group “Sakina Chœur Zen” is an original idea of ​​the singer, composer and arranger Anita Daulne.

In 2014, she brought together 20 or so singers with whom she aimed to build a repertoire full of originality. They put their voices to the service of traditional songs from around the world or original compositions by Anita.

The vocal approach that Anita offers brings together Western singing techniques and those from different ethnic groups.  A mix of sounds, melodies, canons, syncopated singing, drone singing, clappes, rhythm games and also movement, serve the singing.

Her original arrangements invite a new listening of the polyphonic voice, breaking down all the barriers between tradition and urban world.

In this spirit of collaboration, Sakina Chœur Zen offers concerts, but also animations, flash mob, etc …

In an irresistible mix of polyphonies and polyrhythms, Sakina offers you a concert and also a chorus of hearts.
Since its creation, Sakina Choir Zen has been supported by the Laeken Cultural Center, Cité Culture. Belgium.