Choir Profile: Sanctuary Of Song





Thursday 4:45 – 6:45pm, Swansea Wellbeing Centre, Walter Rd, SA1 5PQ

Group type: Performing regularly
Run by: Clara Clay
Contact details:

01269 850297 or 07929 018928

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Further information:

Open to all members of the community, this is a singing project initiated to create a place of welcome, respite, creativity and expression for female asylum seekers and refugees. Even knowing how much collective singing means to me and everyone I’ve worked with, I could not have known how much this would bring to the lives of the women I’m now singing with. We sing regularly (and very informally) at public events and we’d love you to come join us, offer lifts, bring snacks and be one more voice that sings for building connection.

Admission is free though donations are much appreciated to help make the funding go further.

This is currently being funded between Awards for All and a Crowdfunding campaign – if you can’t join us but would love to contribute somehow, donations are very much needed.

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