Choir Profile: Sing Portland!



Portland, Oregon on the US West Coast.


Mondays at 3030 SW 2nd Avenue (Cedarwood School) 7-9 pm
Tuesdays at 5138 NE 23rd Avenue (The Little Church) 7-9 pm
Wednesdays at 5915 SE Division Street (Bothmer Hall) 7-9 pm
Vocal Improv 2nd and 4th Thursday 5915 SE Division St 7-9 pm
All times in Pacific Standard Time.

Group type: Performing regularly
Contact details:

+1-503-956-4046 (voice mail and text)

Further information:

Non-audition community choir in the Pacific NorthWestern US. Founded in 2013 after I completed the Community Choir Leadership Training in Victoria, BC, Canada. We have over 150 members and 3 weekly rehearsals throughout town (Portland, Oregon).

We also organize singing weekends and trips.

Sing Portland! also has a vocal improv program – check for more info and for choir rehearsals, performances and vocal improv sessions.