Choir Profile: Singing for Lung Health / Singing for Fun and Wellbeing



Currently from the comfort of your front room.


Thursdays from 1.30 til 2.30:

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Janet Swan
Contact details:

07777 686648

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Further information:

COPD, Burnley, Pulmonary rehab

A singing group started initially in conjunction with the The British Lung Foundation but now for anyone who would like to link singing and relaxation – for you, for your lungs, for your memory, your blood pressure or just as a pick-me-up and way forward in these strange times. Singing is part of the mix because it is so good for your physical and mental wellbeing and we have a few laughs doing it! You will be warmly welcomed and feel part of something very special!

No singing experience is required – and no need to worry about your voice. In normal times you will only ever have to sing as part of the group (no solos, no divas!!) so just come and have fun! In these current times you can sing at home in any way you like, in any clothes you like, as loud or as quietly as you like.

This group is unique! You don’t have to be able to read music, but you will really learn how to sing. (You will learn how to hear your own voice in a more positive way and connect to your body.) You will also learn some great techniques for managing stress, depression or those times when you feel breathless which might include times when you are anxious. The group provides great support (even online) and we always have a good laugh!