Choir Profile: Singing for Wellbeing





Thursdays 6PM

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Lucy Pekr

Further information:

This is a singing group for everyone, focused on wellbeing. At the moment it is online (Zoom).

This group is not a formal choir, but a community of people using their voice to have fun, feel good and to look after our wellbeing together.

You do not need to consider yourself a ‘singer,’ although for those who are more confident with their voice there will be opportunity for harmony and part-singing.

Everyone will be muted for the majority of the singing and no-one will be singled out to sing alone.

We are all in this together.

Strengthen your respiratory system, support your immune system, nurture your emotional and mental wellbeing whilst connecting with others.

I ask for a minimum contribution of £5 for those that can. Participants can attend as and when they like. If interested simply drop me an email.