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Fridays 5-6pm

Group type: Non performing
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01342 825031

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An online opportunity for creatively connecting our community near and far through singing songs together from home! Boosting positivity, morale and immunity whilst raising our spirits with beautiful, uplifting songs that feed the soul and warm the heart. This is a zoom singing group open to all…old and young, at home, abroad… all singing abilities welcome!

Sessions are offered on  Fridays from 5-6pm, with instrumental accompaniment to support harmonies.

Block 1: 17th September – 22nd October 2021
Block 2: 5th November – 10th December 2021

Sessions last for  1hr each and many sessions are themed. Examples are:

Songs from Findhorn – Beautiful songs in harmony from the Findhorn community
Songs from Africa – Upbeat, rhythmical songs with glorious harmonies from Africa
Mixed bag songs – Songs from around the world in beautiful harmony
Gospels & Spirituals – Toe-tapping harmonies from the Afro-American tradition
Taizé songs – Heart-opening, meditative songs from the Taizé monastery
Rounds and canons – An opportunity to sing some much loved old English rounds….and others
Sufi songs – Heart-opening devotional songs fro the Sufi tradition
Native American-Indian Chants – Earthy and empowering songs in unison and simple harmony

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Feedback from participants:
“Thank you so much for a beautiful, uplifting and healing singing sessions. Thank you for your warmth, ease and generosity. I loved every minute! We’re blessed to have you! Peace and blessings to you and your family x x”

“I really appreciate your inspiring teaching style and the excellent way you teach.”

“Thank you so much for another wonderful singing session. Beautiful songs, wonderful instruments and playing and great company. It’s so uplifting to see your smiling faces and to be singing with everyone. Love Light and Gratitude”

Anyone can take part in these, regardless of religion or beliefs. I choose these songs simply for their incredibly uplifting, heart-warming and nourishing qualities, and offer the suggestion that each individual puts whatever meaning they like into the songs, so that they can be universally enjoyed.

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