Choir Profile: The 12 Week Acapella Challenge with Totally Vocally



Tuesdays 7-9pm

Group type: Performing regularly
Run by: Abi Moore

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This is what my choir Totally Vocally is doing right now – they get a new song each week, with lyrics, video tutorials and recorded sound files for each section of the choir for 12 songs over 12 weeks, sent to the singers in advance. We then all “rehearse” on Tuesday nights online from 7-9pm, using the Zoom meeting system – we run over each part and then put them together using a pre-recorded ALL PARTS file, so it sounds like singing together in harmony!
I thought it would be nice to open out that 12-week course to any hardcore acapella enthusiasts as so many great acapella singers will now be out of practice from their usual choirs and may not have an opportunity to sing regularly at the level they are used to. That’s not to say you’d need to join the choir in real life when we get back to it – just to say that you’re welcome to join us in our 12-week acapella challenge whilst we’re all virtual and learning together online.
There is a cost to it, as the videos take me a crazy amount of time to make, edit and upload, so there’s that to bear in mind, and also the level would be fairly advanced. Some of the songs are in up to 6 parts, rather than the 3 I do at my Nottingham Voice Collective workshops, and some of the songs are quite long. So the NVC workshops are better for those who want to save money and have a bit of a social, fun, no-pressure sing, and the 12-Week Challenge is better for those with experience of learning acapella by ear.
It costs £7.50 per week, and as mentioned, for that, you receive all the 15- 20 minute, step-by-step video tutorials, recorded sound files, lyrics and get access to the online choir rehearsal to put it all together with 70 other singers!
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