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Alternate Thursdays 7-9pm

Group type: Performing occasionally
Run by: Holly Ebony
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I am sending out the call to any kinfolk feeling the urge to dig their toes into the earth and howl to the moon!
The Feral Chorus is for all singers who want to bring their voices to the gathering and mix them in the collective pot of harmony and tender symbiosis.
Let’s see what wild magic we can muster, resonant and full of intention to send out into the raw edges where it might just seed something vital!
Shedding cultivated ideals and limitating expectations, this will be a liberation of spirit and an opportunity to raise our voices in an authentic serenade to Earth.
Lead by Holly Ebony, we will work with harmony, polyphony, improvisation with a focus on serving the spirit of a song.
Though we may embrace complex vocal play, You do not have to be a confident singer to bring your voice to the mix, just a willingness to sing in community with intention and a passion for the wild.
Set in a beautiful turf roofed roundhouse just outside of Dartington, with opportunity to slip outside and sing to the trees and stream, and the option of an open fire on chilly nights.
We will aspire to spend a lot of time out in the elements, connecting to nature, so please dress in weather ready clothing.

The Spring term gatherings will occur on Fortnightly Thursdays Beginning 16th January 2020.
£42-£60 sliding scale.
Booking essential. Membership of the chorus requires a termly commitment.
The first block will run until March 26th comprising 6 fornightly meetings.
Email for further details.