Choir Profile: The Hearty Singers



STAK (ST Austell Community Kitchen), 8 High Cross Street, St Austell PL25 4AB


Every Monday 2-4pm

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Lucky Kaur

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Further information:

This is a singing wellbeing group that I lead in St Austell on Monday afternoons.

Everything I teach is by ear and everyone is welcome!


STAK is Cornish-based charity supporting the vulnerable, needy and homeless members of the community, from across Cornwall.

The group is also open to people in the community, who do come and join in.

Together we sing in harmony, various songs and melodies. This ranges from local cornish, folk, contemporary and around the world. I include my own improvisations and songs. These are together, in rounds and up to 4 part harmonies. Exploring the bass, tenor, alto or soprano creates a fun afternoon of getting to know your natural voice.

Enjoy through sound, heartfelt singing songs and improvisations. Physical and vocal warm-ups.

Relax with a cup of tea and company or simply enjoy the singing.

It is a community experience of common ground, with a holistic approach to creating emotional, spiritual and body harmony through relaxed environment, strengthening relationships, sharing stories and finding support.

Come Join us…