Choir Profile: The Voice Energy Project



St. Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London


Mondays 7 – 9pm

Group type: Performing regularly

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Further information:

Would you like to re-discover your joy for singing?

The Voice Energy project is an a cappella vocal group, founded in 2013, performing at the Roundhouse, regularly at the Southbank Centre and all over London; through street performances and flash mobs the project brings vibrancy and energy to the city centre.

“Our vision is to sing traditional and current material, create innovative arrangements, improvise, inspire and use the body as an instrument to accompany the voice.”

Why join us?

  •  we regularly perform at the Southbank Centre and all over London,
  •  we use the body as an instrument to accompany the voice = we do body-percussion,
  •  we love to create new songs in the moment during rehearsals = we improvise,
  •  we recently performed at the Roundhouse,
  •  we bring vibrancy and energy to the city centre atmosphere through street performances and flash mobs,
  •  we collaborate with other inspiring artists and musicians.

No previous experience necessary.

“This experience will leave you with true success: the sense of interconnection and joy that results from creating magnificent songs, as part of a team.”

Come join us!