Choir Profile: Threnody



Anglesey and Gwynedd


Monday afternoon or evening, twice a month or more in peak season.

Group type: Performing regularly
Run by: Tim Clark

Further information:

Threnody – songs for the seasons of life.

Based in and around Bangor, Gwynedd. A small (23) NV a capella choir, we were originally an offshoot of Bangor Community Choir. Pauline Down and Colin and Ann Douglas were enormously helpful in helping us get started. We were formed with the explicit purpose of bringing unaccompanied natural voice harmony singing to funerals in the area. I was a funeral celebrant, and a lady said to me on a family visit one day “what a pity we can’t have any live singing, other than hymns with the organ.” Well of course. This was in about 2010/11. There have been fewer funerals in the last couple of years – the norm has established itself for CD tracks of favourites, especially at non-religious funerals.  We have sung at funerals for atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Buddhists, and “don’t knows” – it’s not people’s beliefs that matter as much as how we can help with creating a good ceremony.

In addition to funerals we sing at care homes, fundraisers, carol concerts, an occasional party, baby namings, local events.

None of us make a cent out of Threnody, and in that sense we’re not a professional choir and we don’t generate an income stream for anyone. We aim to provide a community service so we charge only a small fee to cover travel expenses.

We sing hymns, pop songs, songs about grieving (“Let It Go”) folk songs, songs from the movies, carols, songs of celebration, songs from NVN practitioners, songs in English, yn Cymraeg, and songs from around the world.

We invite new members only occasionally – it’s a bit particular, singing at funerals, and being a small choir, each of us needs to be able to hold a part with perhaps one other person.