Choir Profile: Voice and Yoga workshops – To Move with Voice project



Islington, N1



Group type: Non performing

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Further information:

To Move with Voice project aims to support anyone who would like to develop their voice and ability to sing, speak and communicate with greater authenticity.

Would you like to explore your unique voice through movement?

This method integrates specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques that focus on exploring inner resonance and developing the power and full expression of the human voice.

Each session will start with relaxation – to rest your mind, breath and body; follow up with muscles, breath and voice warm-ups. The main part of every session is a sequence of specially designed postures that are accompanied by unique guidelines that support your breathing, sounding and voice exploration.

The intention is to get past the illusion that singing and speaking is only about the voice itself. Yoga is a good way to get acquainted with your voice, as it helps you release unwanted physical tension, fully access your lung capacity, coordinate mind and body and sound, stay in the moment, express your soul, improve your posture…”

No previous experience is necessary. We can all adopt this approach!