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Greater Manchester


Mondays 7-8pm

Group type: Non performing
Contact details:

Feel free to call or text me on 07756251301

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Further information:

Virtually Singing is taking a break from 13 July. 

Join me to sing new songs and old favourites. The sessions will be conducted through Zoom which gives you the freedom to:

  • Not join in with video
  • Just listen
  • Sing what I am singing
  • Sing your own part, improvise
  • Learn a harmony and sing that while I’m singing the tune

I’m looking forward to virtually meeting you.

Simply follow this link:

Or use these credentials:

Meeting ID: 889 0451 6760
Password: 097339

Virtually Singing is free. If you can make a financial contribution, then you can do so through PayPal or Ko-fi. Any amount you can give, is much appreciated. Or consider becoming a patron and making a regular contribution.

Your contribution will help me to source music and compensate me for the time spent learning songs and preparing the session.