Choir Profile: Voices Together – Online Harmony Choir



We are based in the UK but think of ourselves as part of the global community of song – one of our regular members joins us from the USA!


Wednesdays at 8pm OR Thursdays at 10am

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Zoe Hatch

Further information:

Weekly online mindful singing sessions that bring joyful connection and beautiful harmony wherever you are.

Singing together is such a special experience and we can still enjoy it, even if we can’t always be in the same room. Building the textured layers of harmony songs, with the aid of my looper, means that we can all feel the warmth and resonance that comes when we bring our voices together even when we are online.

Of course, nothing is *quite* the same as being physically in the room with other singers – but we have found over the past weeks, that by seeing each other singing together, by sharing our voices, our intentions and our heart we still feel part of something special – something that manages to capture the magic and connection that happens when voices come together in song. I am bordering on evangelical about how much singing together in this way can rebalance our mental health and wellbeing in these challenging times. Wear headphones and a sense of adventure! You’ll look great in both.