Choir Profile: Wild Birds Singing



Private woodland in Staverton, South Devon.


Monday and Tuesday 10am-12pm

Group type: Non performing
Run by: Holly Ebony

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Further information:

Come and sing your hearts out in the woods!

Wild Birds Singing is a singing group for families, lead by HOLLY EBONY around a campfire under the dappled canopy of a sweet young deciduous woodland in Staverton, Devon.
Seasonal themes steered by the cycle of the year are explored through storytelling, games, crafts and of course, SONG!
Featuring fun original nature themed songs full of positve empowering messages, rhythm and harmony, Wild Birds Singing offers your whole family the opportunity to play with music and movement.

Fundamental to human experience, singing has encouraged community cohesion & education spanning cultures & eras since we evolved the biological mechanics to sing.
Singing is for everyone!