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Late summer 2021 UPDATE – I’m not currently running Womb Sisters, but pregnant ladies in Bristol are welcome to join my parent and baby choir, Folks & Bairns, which I am running at Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol. Email for more info.


The UK’s only pregnancy choir (as far as we know!), Womb Sisters provides a relaxed and friendly space where Bristol’s mums-to-be can connect with each other and their unborn babies through song. No singing experience is necessary, all songs are taught by ear and every voice is welcomed.

A musical alternative to the usual pregnancy activities on offer, we sing a range of songs from around the world including lullabies and chants to sing through your pregnancy and to your baby once they are born. Foetuses can hear sounds in the womb from around 18 weeks, and past members have said that their baby recognises songs that they sung in Womb Sisters.

Womb Sisters is a fun and open choir, providing members with a pre- and post-natal support network of mums who they have something in common with other than their babies.

“I’d recommend the choir to every mum to be! Hands down five stars!” Ariadna Havner Ruiz

“Rosie is a joy to be taught by, she inspired me with confidence to sing out no matter how much I judged the sound I was making, the sessions were gentle and fun.” Rebecca Burton

“Rosie is warm, welcoming and planned wonderful sessions for us.” Ellie Percival-Haines

“Every week I left feeling nourished and uplifted. There was something really magical about singing with other pregnant women, knowing our babies could all hear us at the same time- it often gave me goosebumps!” Anna Bowie

“These women have become firm friends of mine and we have more than just our babies in common; we are like-minded with similar interests and a love of singing.” Isabel Brough

“It wasn’t just the being pregnancy/babies that we had in common, we had the singing too.” Zoe Thelwall