Voices of the Archetypes of Myth weekend workshop

21–22 Oct 2017 / Cumbria


Date: 21–22 Oct 2017


Email: lucindaguinness@gmail.com

Run by: Frankie Armstrong and Lulu Guinness

Contact details: frankiearmstrong45@gmail.com

Further information:

This workshop provides an exciting way to expand and liberate vocal colour, range and expressivity. It uses movement, imagination and storytelling to access a wide range of vocal qualities and expression through exploring figures that inhabit the world’s mythology, such as The Huntress, The Trickster, The Child, The Mother and The Crone. These archetypes are not a character or caricature but a particular aspect or quality in all of us.

In the beautiful countryside of Cumbria.  More details will be available nearer the time.  If you are interested, please contact Lucinda Guinness via email – lucindaguinness@gmail.com