Advanced Training: Circlesinging and Collaborative Improvisation for Vocal Leaders

17–20 Mar 2022 / Greater London


Date: 17–20 Mar 2022

Cost: £450- Deposit £200. Option to pay in 3 instalments. Some concessions available

Details: 11am - 5pm

Location: Bickerton House, N19



Run by: Guillermo Rozenthuler

Contact details: 07973770943

Further information:

This non-residential seminar is aimed for a small group of participants who are more experienced.

in their journey as vocal improvisers, or already working with others and using Circlesinging and CVI. It is an invitation to go deeply into everyone’s own personal practice and explore together from our differences, openly sharing and exploring strengths and challenges, inventiveness and resources.  And then inviting a group of ‘facilitees’ for day 4, so that everyone has time and many opportunities to practice leading and receiving in-depth, direct feedback.

Areas of work:

  • Finding one’s edge, growing musicianship and confidence in one’s personal style: leading structures within that comfort zone, and identifying potential and growth: where to go next in terms of musical complexity.

  • Structure, progression, form, timing- instant composition- developing the overview. Jumping levels- practicing observer/participant in simultaneous and also how to gently and powerfully effect change when singing with others.

  • Advanced exploration on invented and ‘real’ language, articulation, timbre, vocal qualities and the vocal technique elements associated with it.

  • Confidence in feeling and conveying groove and subdivision- rhythmic variety and flexibility

  • Harmony melody and mode. Expanding the palette. Responding to a musical context. Creating a musical context, shifting a musical context. Balance between stability and change.

  • Models to create, recreate, counterpoint and develop patterns- from a simple cellular unit to complex, multifaceted phrases and musical ideas.

  • Learning to read the skill level and edge of participants, encouraging music that brings flow: a healthy balance between comfort zone and challenge.

  • The difference between holding community music and vocal improvisation as an artform

  • Conducting: roles- gestures. Encouraging, proposing, directing, leaving space. Giving feedback and inspiring change in participants

  • The inner state- internal awareness and good housekeeping. Feeling, sensing, body techniques. The inner gremlins and how to deal with them

  • Troubleshooting. Complex participants