Afropean Weekend with Anita Daulne – Zap Mama founder

21–22 Oct 2017 / Suffolk


Date: 21–22 Oct 2017

Cost: £55 booking essential, places limited

Details: 10.30 to 16.30 both days

Location: Stutton Community Hall IP9 2TG - midway between Ipswich and Colchester



Run by: Clive Barker

Contact details: 01473 611171 or text 07747 636616

Further information:

Anita, also known as Mahdia, was raised in the Belgian Congo and through Zap Mama has made an international name for herself. She blends African rhythms and eEuropean harmony into complex and fascinating music. Come and get in the groove!

Its not difficult to learn, just very different. She is warm, friendly and very encouraging. I had a great weekend with her last year and there were plenty of NVN teachers there. Her website is full of videos – words don’t do her music justice.

Typically she does one workshop per country per year. If you miss this chance, you will have to wait……

I am running this through not-for-profit Shared Voices, which is why the cost is low. Refreshments are included; please bring lunch to share.

Please contact me for bookings or further details.

Forming a lynchpin between the western and African worlds, Anita Daulne offers us a different approach to song. Breaking out from tropical forest and into ethnic blends of the city she leads us deep within our natural being, discovering new colors, lights, shades and smells. Subtle vocal changes warm the voice and body and thus open up a whole range of sounds and expression. The interplay between soloist and chorus causes each member to become both an essential part and a complement to the polyphonic whole.​

This approach to ethnic song is so different to the western concept of music that it is not necessary to have academic knowledge, simply a desire to open up our minds to new sonorities and to the outside world.​ As an artist for a number of years with Zap Mama, Anita Daulne has researched musical traditions throughout the world, learning and sharing with Taureg women, Dongons, Puelhs, Pygmies, Mangbetu, Zulus and others