Amazing Acapella – relaxed online harmony singing with Jenny Goodman

26 Apr 2021 / Online


Date: 26 Apr 2021

Cost: £5 - £10 sliding scale

Details: 7.30 - 9 pm



Run by: Jenny Goodman

Contact details: 079854584923

Further information:

Songs to lift you out of lockdown. Songs of light, sunshine,  nature, hope  and community.
Missing your singing? Still not able to sing with your regular group? Why not try out online? Sadly the technology can’t duplicate being in a group of people creating that amazing wash of harmonies together with just our voices BUT you can still sing together and connect in a different way.
Spaces limited to 24 so please book in advance – places allocated on a first come first served basis – details of Zoom link & payment process sent once you’ve booked. places are limited so I can see everyone and you can see each other and so create that sense of connection – in previous sessions I’ve had people from all over the country and the world which has been great fun. 
I operate a sliding scale of £5 – £10 so people can pay what they feel comfortable with. If you can’t afford anything that is fine, just let me know. I don’t want anyone excluded from singing due to lack of money at the moment. I will send you my bank details to make a transfer or you can send a cheque – this information will come once you have booked along with the Zoom link.
This is what you get via Zoom (more details and help on Zoom below)
  • The chance to connect with others from across the country and sometimes the world! – chat, see their faces and have the experience of singing together at the same time
  • The chance to sing with all its health giving benefits both psychologically and physically
  • A chance to sing with me – basically you will be able to hear me sing the part and sing along with me
  • No-one else can hear you (including me) so you can sing as loudly as you like (and make up new harmonies)
  • A joint warm up – getting your bodies and breath and voice moving all together
  • If you want to challenge yourself you can try singing a different part against me while I teach
  • You get to sing with a prerecorded track that I will produce of the whole song – so although you will be singing alone you will have “surround sound”. Tracks sent out after the session so you can continue singing the songs
  • No travelling – sing in the comfort of your own home with your supply of favourite drink and biscuits
What we’ll do
We will start with a brief hello and make sure everyone is comfortable with the technology then we’ll warm up together and sing. It’s harder to concentrate online so it’s been found that shorter sessions are better. We should be able to sing two or three songs in that time. I will teach the part of each song separately and you’ll be able to sing along and then finally we’ll sing to a pre-recorded version of the whole song.  You will need to mute when we are singing but we can keep our mics on for warm up and for chat. I will explain some useful hand signals we can use to let me know if you need help or want to comment while we’re learning. After the session I send out tracks of the individual parts and the whole song so you can keep singing. 
What you need
No singing experience is needed and I will provide words where we need them.  You will need a computer or other device with a camera and microphone.  It’s MUCH better to be on a laptop, tablet or PC than a phone if possible. You will also need to download the Zoom app and once you’ve booked I will send you a link so you can  join the session.
If you are on a Laptop:
1. You probably don’t need to install anything extra. Clicking the link in my email should take you directly into the meeting. Agree to any permissions is asks you to grant (such as access to microphone and webcam).