Voice & Yoga Workshop

15 Apr 2018 / Greater London


Date: 15 Apr 2018

Cost: £25

Details: 2.15 - 5.15pm

Location: Yogabase Islington, N1

Website: http://bit.ly/2BUAWC1


Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

In this workshop we will combine specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques. We will uncover tools and exercises that encourage the flow of energy to open our breath and untangle knots in our body, mind and voice.

Would you like to explore your unique voice through movement?

Reserve your mat: http://bit.ly/2BUAWC1

We build up a new connection to our breath, voice, sounds, posture, body, mind and listening – because: “Once we give ourselves the permission to move and the freedom to feel, our voices will support us.”

Have you been before?

You will have a chance to work with your own chosen text or song, and interact with the voices of others through partner and group work.  In addition, we will divide the time between ‘floor work’ and ‘on your feet work’.

Are you new?

To restore balance and allow authentic sound to move through us, we go through a number of specific yoga positions and explore our vocal range, resonance, power, freedom, flexibility and potential of our own voice.

It’s open to those who are willing to explore.

Mats, block and blankets are all available in the studio.