Be an Extraordinary Singer, Musician, Performer! Free ‘Experiential talk’ via Zoom

10 Sep 2021 / Online


Further information:

  • Do you love singing / performing/teaching…but insecurities or lack of confidence  get in the way?
  • Do you love performing but are limited by anxiety, stage fright, or  negative self-judgements?
  • Are you too busy ‘trying to please,  get it right or perform perfectly’ that you lose sight of the pleasure of your art-form?
  • Would you like to be calm, focussed and empowered to perform with ease, confidence, authenticity and joy?
  • If so, come and find out how!

Positive ‘mental fitness’ is at the root of all our success or limitations, and is the determining  factor when performing! Join me to build a greater, positive mindset, strengthening your personal ‘mental muscles’  enabling optimal practice and performance  at all times. It’s easy….come and find out how!