Cae Mabon Songwriting Residential

4–8 Sep 2019 / Wales - North-West


Date: 4–8 Sep 2019

Cost: £475

Details: 6pm on Wednesday to 3pm on Sunday

Location: Snowdonia



Run by: Stephen Taberner

Further information:

Four days of songwriting tuition and inspiration with Stephen Taberner, held at the wonderful Cae Mabon retreat venue, Snowdonia.


This is our first visit to the enchanting Cae Mabon, a retreat venue of individually hand-sculpted dwellings on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. This promises to be a very special event.


This workshop is about the journey from A to B. A is blithering nothingness, an empty page, the dull staring at something you thought might be good but you know isn’t. and B is something like the feeling of having made something that feels true and right and good. ironically, to make good things, we have to first allow ourselves to make things that might be bad. so first of all, we have to access what you might call the free associative and unjudging creative child, and just blooming well have fun. the second part of the process is the waking up of the critical mind in terms of what a song can or should do: elegance, shape, authenticity, and the avoidance of nasty swamplands like CLICHE and OVERSHARING. this is songwriting, a very hard thing to do, a very worthwhile thing, and ultimately a rewarding thing. we will do some of these things. we will take some steps in between A and B. and it will be good. there is literally no qualification for this course other than the desire to write songs.


The retreat will be fully catered, with high-quality vegetarian food, and accommodation will be in shared and simple bedrooms with no more than three others per dwelling. While the venue may not offer luxury accommodation, and you may be required to bring your own bedding (unless you choose to hire from the venue), its simplicity offers the perfect learning and retreat environment, far from the distractions of daily life.