Carols are not just for Christmas

5–26 Apr 2021 / Online


Date: 5–26 Apr 2021

Cost: £40 minimum donation

Details: 7pm UK time, once a week Mondays for 4 weeks.



Run by: Jo Freya

Further information:

This course will feature songs that are carols, or related to carols (like the beautiful traditional song “Leaves of life”) but are related to different festive parts of the year or non specific. 
It seems appropriate to begin this around the feast that is Easter.
The songs will be in 4 or 3 part harmony. All participants are provided with MP3’s of the parts and a score (the score is for reference – you do not need to be able to read music). They are also given an MP3 of the ensemble singing together after each song is completed, which is unique to the individuals who sign up.
These are good fun, challenging but in a good and inclusive way!