Celebrating Summer Solstice 2019 with Song and Meditation

21 Jun 2019 / Surrey


Date: 21 Jun 2019

Cost: £15

Details: 7pm to 9pm*

Location: Ham, Richmond Upon Thames

Website: http://www.singing4health.com/2019/05/19/celebrating-summer-solstice/

Email: Bookings@singing4health.com

Run by: Maria Soriano

Further information:

After a successful Spring Equinox singing workshop, we will do our Summer Solstice workshop at Ham Library, so we will have more space to allow for more singers.

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is celebrated by people all over the world as a time of great light. Embracing nature and enjoying singing and dancing is a part of it in most traditions, from Pagan rituals on this day of Litha, to the bonfires of St John’s night in the Christian one. We will be singing and we will do a Summer Solstice meditation.

The event is a multi-sensory experience, so if you want to be attuned in colour to those of the fire, enjoy being creative and chose to dress in fiery colours. Water, fruit and juice will be available.

(*) If the weather is good enough, we can go and sing in the park after the workshop time.