Circle Singing (a)typical session

16 Oct 2021 / Online


Date: 16 Oct 2021

Cost: £10

Details: start at 10.30am



Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

Do you love to sing, long for human connection and want to be part of a creative community?


This session is dedicated to those who yearn to sing, those who (would) love to sing but feel like something might be holding them back.

In this session, we will work with body, breath, voice, and a basic improvisation vocabulary. This will help us to produce sound that is naturally informed by our own specific qualities which can also bring unimaginable benefits into our lives. We can be at ease in our body, voice, and be at home with ourselves. Just as with physical disciplines, the more we work with the voice, the more flexibility and strength it can gain and the more articulate it will become. I see you there, ok?!

Saturday, 16th October, start at 10.30am (UK time) for £10


The session will be based on individual/collective exploration, being together and having fun! It is going to be a freeing and refreshing morning!


In their words: “Great journey through space, ambiance, connections and sounds. Travelling in to the unknown with rewarding safe landing.” – Angela