Tunnel Circle Singing

12 Jun 2018 / Greater London


Date: 12 Jun 2018

Cost: £ Donation

Details: 7.15 pm - 8.30 pm

Location: Leake Street Tunnel

Website: http://circlesinginglondon.wixsite.com/project/copy-of-sessions-pop-ups

Email: circlesinginglondon@gmail.com

Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

Circle Singing London celebrates its 4th anniversary. Come immerse yourself in the sounds!


Vocal Improvisation is valuable whether you are a professional singer yearning to deepen your creative intuition or you are someone who is longing to bring out the inner singer that lives inside of you.
Each session gives an opportunity to jam, create spontaneous sounds, listen to others and express your unique song, while being part of a unified group

® Meeting point: Leake Street Tunnel (entrance from York Road) // Leake St, Lambeth, London SE1 7NN
Nearest tube stations: Waterloo, Lambeth North


® RSVP: circlesinginglondon@gmail.com

® Bring with you: a bottle of water, some extra clothes (it might get cold)

All welcome! It’s a great chance to meet new people.

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