Circlesinging and Vocal Improv for Song Leaders, June 2021

24–27 Jun 2021 / Greater London


Date: 24–27 Jun 2021

Cost: £350

Details: 11am - 5pm

Location: 12 Lynton Gardens N11 2NN



Run by: Guillermo Rozenthuler

Contact details: 07973770943

Further information:

A 4-day non -residential seminar for a small number of vocal facilitators geared to developing skills in leading singers and non-singers into spontaneous ‘in the moment’ sing. Participants will have the chance to explore together and deepen their understanding of different models of collaborative vocal improvisation, including Circle singing.

Circle songs and group improvisations can be a fun way to warm up a group, develop new musical and vocal skills, improve memory and quick learning of parts and bring different flavours to the existing repertoire of a community singing workshop, choir or singing group. The core elements of the seminar will be exercises and games in the areas of rhythm, melody construction, use of language, harmonic contexts and vocal qualities. Participants will also practice facilitating a range of material, from open-for-all, inclusive songs to more specific, complex structures.

The course will be held in person in North London. Dates: 24-27 June 2021 – if you are interested in joining, please contact Guillermo  :


Throughout these 4 days, a small group of singers and song leaders will have the chance to explore together and deepen the understanding of different forms and models of collaborative vocal improvisation, including Circlesinging. Everyone will have the opportunity to lead and be led by others, as well as acquire some fundamental tools to develop their own improvisational language and musicianship, and gain confidence in group-leading skills.

This seminar is addressed at everyone interested in leading groups of people- singers and non-singers into spontaneous ‘in the moment’ group singing. These inclusive community music-making moments can be a useful way to integrate people, enhance communication and creativity in schools, courses, retreats, at the workplace… and to generate a flow of wellbeing chemicals in everyone’s brain, and a sense of relaxation, warmth, belonging, therefore becoming a meditative practice.

The core elements will be diverse exercises and games in the areas of rhythm, melody construction, use of invented language, harmony and tone quality, Circlesinging and VoiceOrchestra techniques, grooves and harmonic sequences with two distinct and complementary objectives:

*to create strong, supportive, interesting backgrounds for the singers to explore and develop solo improvisation.
*to empower the singers to create, orchestrate and conduct their own circlesongs and other forms of collaborative music.

Guillermo is interested in the dance between spontaneous music-making, listening, collaboration, ritual, sound and silence.

The invitation: 

To remember our innate musical intelligence and capacity to share music and meaning with other humans. To sing our essential nature, deepening the quality of our listening. To feel at home within ourselves and let our inner confidence grow… so that we can embrace many ways to learn, in togetherness and by ourselves, that don’t require striving onwards and upwards but instead, dropping deep into the joy and wisdom and creativity that lays within each and every one of us.