8 Apr 2017 / Greater London


Date: 8 Apr 2017

Cost: Cost: £25/session. £80 for block of 4 sessions. £40 for 2 if you introduce a new friend.

Details: Saturday 11am - 2pm

Location: 12 Lynton Gardens, Bounds Green,, London N11



Run by: Guillermo Rozenthuler

Contact details: 07973 770943

Further information:


Four sessions of exploration-training in Circlesinging , vocal improvisation and collaborative music making.

The core elements of the play-shop will be Circlesinging and VoiceOrchestra techniques, grooves and harmonic sequences, with two distinct and complementary objectives:
*to create strong, supportive, interesting backgrounds for the singers to explore and develop solo improvisation
*to empower singers to create, orchestrate and conduct their own circlesongs and other forms of collaborative music.


What is collaborative music making? We will be exploring the continuum of collective singing and vocal Improvisation in its different shapes-shades. From free-flow-musical landscapes to circlesinging and ‘orchestrated improvisation’. Journeying through the diversity of textures and song forms of humanity from chanting, drone and melody, call and response, polyphony, harmony, counterpoint…Also: rhythm and movement. Elements of body percussion. Dissociation, coordination. World rhythms. Expanding our palette of musical and vocal skills and deepening the skills of ensemble singing – blend, balance, tuning and sensitivity.

These forms of singing strengthen musicianship, understanding harmony and counterpoint, rhythmic precision and deep listening. They can be valuable tool for singers and musicians, music and voice teachers and group facilitators who want to expand their musicianship and creativity, and discover melodic and rhythmic patterns from diverse musical traditions that can be applied to enhance their own musical language, through a process of sharing and vocal experimentation.


These monthly gatherings, aimed for intermediate and advanced vocalists and musicians keen to explore collaborative spontaneous music-making, creativity, sound and silence, have been running for more than a year now.

There is a wonderful core group of regular singers and a very welcoming space for all newcomers.  Companionship and mutual encouragement, developing and deepening musicianship, creativity and vocal ensemble skills, and lots of free wild singing…
…and there will be live performances beyond the sessions- location and time to be announced soon!

Spring term dates 2017, Saturdays:

28 January, 11 February, 11 March, 8 April