Conscious Singing for Men

30 Dec 2017 / Canada


Date: 30 Dec 2017

Cost: 75 CAD

Details: 10am - 1pm

Location: 371 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario



Run by: Laura Geiger

Contact details: +46 70 063 7007

Further information:

Welcome to a morning of exploring your voice and the many ways the voice can be a portal to deepen your relationship to your expression and truth. Because the voice is so intimate and revealing of our inner world, singing gives us practice confronting ourselves. In Voicework, there is no hiding from who we are.

Through specific practices of breathing, sounding, range exploration, improvisational creation, embodiment exercises, touch, and movement, you will discover how it feels to use the voice to find and express your truth, connect with other men in vulnerability, release emotions that have been buried, and drop any shame or fear you may have been holding around being in your full power.

In Conscious Singing, we use the voice as a pathway to discover, integrate, and accept the many aspects of who we are. Together, we will look for your natural, playful sounds of boyhood as well as your unique expression of love-based power.

How does your voice sound in the space of pure creativity and flow? How does it feel to give voice to all the parts of who you are? What is it like to be deeply present in the body? Can you let your voice guide you to softness? What might happen if you give yourself permission to be loud, free, emotional, and strong all in the same breath? How might that experience change how you see yourself, how you live life?

If you feel a calling to explore your voice in a safe, supportive environment of total non-judgement, confidentiality, and compassion, you have a seat with us.

Absolutely NO singing experience or expertise required.

Please note that this is not a therapy session, but instead an expressive, immersive experience in which you are responsible for yourself.

Laura Geiger is a sacred voiceworker specializing in using the voice as a tool for radical self-acceptance, communicating truth, and connecting beyond the small self. She has academic degrees in both sociology and health promotion, training in spiritual counseling and eco art therapy, as well as experience in art education, social work, and theatre and vocal performance.

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Past praise:
“Laura created a space that had so much acceptance so I could move some deeply held emotions and through it all, I felt her hold me. It is not often I meet course leaders like her. It is so great, for the first time since childhood, to really like my voice.” – Lars Möller

“I learned that I AM a singer. That my song has been sleeping beneath old limiting beliefs and is now reawakening, that Spirit Singing is a natural, healing and graceful way to express one’s Self and Soul. Laura Geiger is a Wise Woman and Healer. She has a deep, ancient knowledge of her material and is a graceful teacher and guide.” – Lawrence Flynn