Continuing Professional Development for Choir Leaders and Voice Practitioners

17–21 Jun 2022 / Republic of Ireland


Date: 17–21 Jun 2022

Cost: €560 - €780

Location: The Song House, Co Donegal



Run by: Candy Verney

Further information:

With Candy Verney and Sophie Grimmer

Sophie Grimmer and Candy Verney are launching this exciting new course, which combines voice development with choir leader skills.

This promises to be an exciting and restorative course, with a very high professional input from both teachers. Candy’s background is in community choir leadership. Sophie’s background is in opera performance, singing teaching and voice pedagogy research. Between us we can draw on extensive experience in diverse complementary fields to offer choir leaders professional support and further training in a wide range of topics.

Who Is This Course For?

• You may have recently trained as a choir leader, and want to revisit basic skills learnt on your course.
• You may have been working as a choir leader for years and need some refreshment and input.
• You may want to work on your own voice
• You may want to develop additional skills, like arranging songs for choirs, or singing solo

We will be a small group with 2 trainers, max 12 students. Bring your individual questions and concerns and we will do our best to address them.

2 x 20 min. individual voice sessions included in the cost of this course

What will Candy contribute to this course?

• Develop your teaching skills: how to teach efficiently: harmonies, conducting, rhythm, dynamics
• Work on reading music skills and sight singing.
• How to develop a song, and enrich the experience for the singers. Some teachers are run ragged by the demands of having to keep on providing new material. We will look at techniques to work more deeply with a song. This can be more rewarding for everyone.
• How to write a good choral arrangement.
• Choirs are communities that need care, input, leadership in order for them to thrive. This will be a place where you can talk over issues and problems in a confidential environment, to support your choir community to thrive and function well.

What will Sophie contribute to this course?
• Explore ways to increase vocal ease, freedom and flexibility within a safe, secure and supportive environment.
• Bring compassionate curiosity and a playful enquiry to internal mechanisms.
• Discover the enormous potential of a deep and fluid connection of sound to breath, helping to optimise a more embodied vocal function.
• Investigate, through this deeper relationship between breath and sound, how to release unnecessary ‘holdings’, enabling more vocal ‘colours’.
• Encourage a more liberated ‘authentic’ and individual vocal expression.
• Seek out ways to find real joy in the process of singing, cherishing both the physical sensation and its expressive power.
• Increase confidence in singing for performance, self-expression, health and wellbeing.
• Sophie is offering all participants two individual 20 min. voice sessions, included in the cost of this course. Additional sessions on offer, at extra cost.

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