Develop Fluency in Music

6 Sep 2021 / Online


Date: 6 Sep 2021

Cost: £12



Run by: Charlotte Woodford

Contact details: 07828413484

Further information:

New small online group beginning in September!
Develop fluency across all areas of music: pitch, pulse, rhythm, improvising, composing, coordination, theory, analysis, reading, expressive elements, playing by ear, two-part listening and more. We will be working through the modes to major and minor tonality, so you will also get a flavour of musical history and development.
The sessions will run for 1 hr every fortnight on Zoom, with short videos, recordings (great for driving!) and exercises to work on between sessions, and an online group (Signal or WhatsApp) to keep everyone motivated and learning from/inspiring each other. You don’t need to lay aside a great deal of time between sessions, but the more you put in, the quicker it will open up to you.
It doesn’t matter what your musical background is, we will fill in any gaps you have and draw on whatever musical strengths you bring. This is a safe space for encouraging one another, there is no expectation for you to know any musical terms before you arrive – and I will continue to learn alongside you. It is intended to be inclusive, accessible and unintimidating, and to challenge everyone at their own level.
This group will be a daytime group, so if you work full-time this is not the one for you. For those interested I will set up a poll or group to work out a time during the week that works for everyone.
The sessions cost £10 or £12 depending on group size, so the overall fee is either £20 or £24 per month.
Testimonials from current NVN members taking part:
  • “Hi Charlotte, I loved today… again”
  • “I am obsessed with it all. I walk and my hand is going and listen to songs and try and pick it out”
  • “Thanks for such a stimulating class Charlotte”
  • “Honestly, so much clicked for me today! Loved it!”
  • “Thank you Charlotte. I can really feel big shifts happening already and it feels unbelievable”